Barn Record Durham

Building Name (Common)
[Part - 2/2]
Building Name (Historic)
596 Guilford Road, Durham



Historic Significance

Architectural description:

This is a multi-barn complex towards the west of Guilford Road consisting primarily of a horse barn complex, Barn-I, towards the east, a 1 ½- story gable-entry barn, Barn-II towards further west of Barn-I and other out-buildings scattered all over the property.

Barn-II: This is a 1 ½ - story gable-entry barn with its east gable-side facing Guilford Road. The ridge line of the barn runs east-west perpendicular to the road. The façade of the barn is the east gable-façade with the main entrance at the center through a pair of exterior-hung double-height sliding wagon doors with lintel trim.

The wooden frame of the barn has red painted vertical siding and asphalt roofing.

Historical significance:

The New England barn or gable front barn was the successor to the English barn and relies on a gable entry rather than an entry under the eaves. The gable front offers many practical advantages. Roofs drain off the side, rather than flooding the dooryard. With the main drive floor running parallel to the ridge, the size of the barn could be increased to accommodate larger herds by adding additional bays to the rear gable end. Although it was seen by many as an improvement over the earlier side-entry English Barn, the New England barn did not replace its predecessor but rather coexisted with it, as both types continued to be built.

Field Notes

Also see Part - 1/2 : Area statement: Plot No. 601 Guilford Road: Garage: 2160 SqFt, Circa 1942 Barn: 352 SqFt, Circa 1942 Barn: 1380 SqFt, Circa 1942 Garage: 768 SqFt, Circa 1942 Shed: 220 SqFt, Circa 1942 Post/plank silo: 8’/30’, Circa 1942 Plot No. 597 Guilford Road: Pole barn: 440 SqFt, Circa 1967 Shed: 3192 SqFt, Circa 1967 Pole barn: 4200 SqFt, Circa 1988 Barn: 5168 SqFt, Circa 1957

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Environment features

Relationship to surroundings

The barn complex is spread out over two properties towards the west of Guilford Road, map number 127: 0.66 acres property at 597 Guilford Road (parcel number - W0256200) towards the north and 0.87 acres property at 601 Guilford Road (parcel number - W0256700) towards the south. The properties are located in a pre-dominantly residential area of rural character, bordering the town limits of Durham and Guilford. Residential plots can be seen towards the east, across Guilford Road while open land flanks the properties towards the south. Residential plots with barn and out-buildings can be seen towards the north of the properties. A water stream flows towards the west of the properties with the area beyond it covered by dense woodland.

The two properties are located adjacent to each other with the respective main residences positioned towards the east, nearer to Guilford Road. The horse barn complex, Barn-I is located towards the south-west of the main residence of plot number 601. A small gable-roof shed is located immediately towards the west of Barn-I while a flat-roof garage is located towards its south-west corner. Barn-I opens into a fenced paddock towards the north which has a 1 – story gable-roof shed on its eastern edge. A semi-open salt-box roof barn is located towards the north-west of Barn-I while another small gable-roof shed is situated immediately towards its west. The 1 ½- story gable-entry barn, Barn-II is located towards further east of Barn-I. 

Typology & Materials

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T. Levine and M. Patnaik, reviewed by CT Trust


Photographs and field-notes provided by – Jim McLaughlin

Assessors’ records retrieved on February 3rd , 2011 from website

Map and property records retrieved on February 3rd , 2011 from website

Photograph/Information retrieved on February 3rd , 2011 from website

Photograph retrieved on February 3rd , 2011 from website

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